Milan 2024

An immersive multi-sensory space defined by lines and angles balanced by the brand’s softer, more comfortable side, Poliform’s new collections at Milan Design Week were shown inside, as Poliform described it, ‘a palette of warm tones', the delicate scent of leather and bergamot (the new Poliform fragrance), the muffled effect of the 70s-style liquorice carpet that softens the passage between the rooms, up to the harmonious musical background designed specifically to accompany visitors along the exhibition path.

With a focus on refined, elegant pieces in tune with the ideals of lightness and material restraint, large surfaces of square black bricks, and the crafted effect of their textured regularity, were chosen to evoke the mosaics that define Yves Saint Laurent’s house in Marrakech, Villa Oasis. While platforms surrounding the central lounge areas, dining, kitchen and sleeping areas, and suites with multiple proposals for wardrobes, staged the Outdoor Collection.

New designs by Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina and Stefano Belingardi Clusoni joined bestsellers and range expansions. Standouts include the Ernest sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud, characterised by unstructured volumes and inspired by a soft feather pillow. The French designer also released Leopold, a new dining chair, and the Adrien table, a sculptural furniture element that finds character in the asymmetrical base. Other nightlights include the Orbis padded collection with two sofas and an armchair with a wraparound backrest by Emmanuel Gallina, and the Loai armchair, the first collaboration with architect Stefano Belingardi Clusoni.

‘Completing the proposal,’ remarked Poliform during one of their most beautifully curated collections to date, ‘are the most recent evolutions of kitchen systems, day and night, in a compositional consistency that perfectly reveals Poliform’s design: a complete living space, an immersive atmosphere, a total architecture.’

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‘The Poliform stand went beyond showcasing their entry into outdoor furniture, it also highlighted their capabilities from an architectural perspective. So it wasn't just about furniture, it was about creating immersive spaces that inspire.’

— Michelle McEwen, Group Head of Marketing, Poliform Australia

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