Camphorwood, where refined living intertwines with nature

January 25, 2024
Introducing Camphorwood, an opulent residential complex in Wuxi, China, where nature seamlessly intertwines with refined living. Meticulous design and an eye for detail converge to create a space where daily life unfolds effortlessly, surrounded by the serene beauty of Lihu Lake and a verdant forest. A haven for those seeking tranquility and luxury.

            Camphorwood, where refined living intertwines with nature

Step into the heart of Camphorwood, where the living room serves as a gallery of refined living. Where the Concorde table and Ventura chairs take center stage. Minimalist designs allowing the beauty of the surroundings to captivate. Each element contributes to a carefully curated aesthetic, forming an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary.

The kitchen and dining area is adjacent to the living room, featuring Concorde table, Ventura chairs and Ventura stools: the designer opted for minimalist decor, allowing the natural beauty of the surroundings to take center stage.

Continue the exploration into the living area, the Poliform Bristol sofa and Soori coffee tables grace this space with timeless elegance, while floor-to-ceiling windows frame enchanting views of the lake and forest, seamlessly blending the indoors with nature. A careful selection of furnishings harmonizes with the serene surroundings, creating a haven of sophistication.

The living room, featuring Poliform Bristol sofa and Soori coffee tables.

As the journey unfolds into the bedrooms, a deliberate effort to craft tranquility becomes apparent. Neutral tones and soft textures merge to create a serene ambiance. Every detail, from bed linens to furnishings, is a testament to meticulous curation. With the Poliform touch, Camphorwood transforms into a symphony of refined living, where luxury resonates in every carefully considered nuance. It's an elegant passage through spaces where design and nature converge into a harmonious and sophisticated living experience.

With Poliform touch, neutral tones and soft textures are used to evoke a sense of calmness. Featuring the Concorde writing desk, Ipanema chair, Curve bed and Kelly bedside table. Where every detail has been carefully curated to create a harmonious and elegant space.

This project was first published on Poilform Italy.

Camphorwood, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (2023)