Luigi Allievi’s love of wood and his craftsmanship and skill at turning a piece of solid timber into an artwork, is the origin of Porada. Established in 1968 with the aim to expand on the production of a range of chairs he had been creating since 1948, Allievi and his sons formed a company based on quality and professionalism. Today, Porada is defined by beautifully refined products of excellent quality, which have struck the right balance between form and function, contributing to the design aesthetic of the domestic environment.

The Porada collection is wide and varied, made up of a range of occasional furniture that has been developed in collaboration with internationally renowned designers. While high quality materials and cutting-edge technology play a key role in Porada’s work, it is the shared passion and care of the designers and makers that give the brand its elegant and evolved personality and sense of timelessness.

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