Philosophy and Values


At Poliform, quality is based on the heritage of working with wood and the traditional craftsmanship of the Brianza region in Italy, where provenance, creativity, innovation and technological know-how are at its core.


Each Poliform design is a response to functional requirements. Modular systems are highly flexible, wardrobes provide personalised solutions, accessories satisfy individual tastes and requirements. Poliform’s skill lays in its ability to quality workmanship with design and creativity, and collaborating with some of the most prestigious Italian and international designers.


In order to guarantee optimum quality control throughout production, Poliform only manufactures in Italy. Component parts and raw materials are selected and purchased from leading European and international suppliers. The 'Made in Italy' label is displayed proudly by Poliform and is underpinned by creativity, traditional craftsmanship and technological expertise, all fundamental prerequisites for a company constantly seeking to meet the needs of its international clientele.


Poliform products are the highest quality from both an aesthetic and functional point of view, manufactured to guarantee long-lasting reliability. Buying a Poliform product is an investment in more ways than one. The collection is typically rigorous with a classic style. It is not the result of passing fads, but has an aesthetic quality that will guarantee that each piece remains stylish.


Poliform recognises the importance of sustainable design and follows a few fundamental practices:

1.     Carcasses are composed of wooden fibre panels coated with melamine resins with low emission formaldehyde: E1 Class.

2.     Poliform only uses certified lead free paints and non-toxic lacquers.

3.     Timber veneers are plantation grown oak, cherry, walnut.

4.     Packaging is glue free and recycled.

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