East Melbourne

Brooke Holm 

Marsha Golemac

What did you enjoy most about these projects?
Both these projects are brilliant examples of what at the studio we enjoy the most: creating beautiful, elegant environments that are comfortable, warm and inviting, and that truly represent the owners’ personalities and respectfully sit well within the architecture. I love to connect with clients who are really interested in collaborating and who come to live and breath the project with me.
A favourite element of each project is the bar in East Melbourne Residence–it’s sculptural and highly detailed, yet feels perfectly simple–and the curved black brick wall that encases an oversized powder room at Bendigo, a surprise private zone for guests to enjoy and take a luxurious minute in.

What trends do you see for 2016?
We don’t really buy into trends. Of course, certain ideas and concepts pop up at any given time and, through people playing with and interpreting them, current styles emerge. I think that what ends up catching people’s eyes is when something has been bravely put forward with consideration only given to originality or a complete recasting of a forgotten detail, not to whether it might be ‘on trend’.

What’s the best interior in your city?
John Truscott’s Hamer Hall was something extraordinary–high-1980s glamour is something so grossly fabulous that I just couldn’t get enough of it.
If I could gold leaf everything, I would.

How has our love of imagery in social media affected your working day?
It’s improved it for me. I’m constantly looking at images. At one point I questioned whether I was overloading my attention, but if you focus and follow the right people and what you love, it can be exceptionally interesting to see what’s out there.

How do you deal with a creative block?
I find that intense vacuuming dispels nervous energy. It helps me refocus! Lightbulb moments come at ridiculous times.

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