In 1947, a group of technicians based in Pirelli in Italy began experimenting with new materials and technologies in the creation of cutting-edge, modern furniture. This was the beginning of the Arflex brand, established on the meeting of technology and aesthetic sensibilities, and driven by a high level of research and experimentation. Officially presented to the public in 1951, Arflex quickly gained recognition for their manufacturing philosophy.

Working with some of the most respected designers and architects of the era, including Franco Albini, Joe Colombo, Christophe Pillet, Ettore Sottsass, the Castiglioni brothers and Carlo Bartoli, the Arflex brand spans all facets of furniture design, consistently driven by experimentation and research. Having won numerous awards and recognitions, many pieces have made their way into permanent collections at the world’s leading museums. Today, Arflex continues to be renowned for its innovative approach and exploration of new technologies, materials and designs.

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